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ELCOMAT & ELCOMAT direct Product Lines
ELCOMAT & ELCOMAT direct Product Lines
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Autocollimators are optical measuring systems that can measure the smallest changes in the angular position of optical reflectors. With electronic autocollimators, the autocollimation image is detected by an imaging sensor (e.g. CCD camera).

Electronic autocollimators are primarily used for the following measuring tasks:

• Micro-angle measurement
• Ultra-precise angle adjustment and calibration
• Quality assurance of machine tools and their components
• Assembly automation
• Angular position monitoring
Calibration Services
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DIN EN ISO 17025:2005 | D-K-20592-01-00

Since 2017, MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL GmbH has had a DAkkS accredited calibration laboratory for the dimensional measurand: angle.

Our calibration services include:
• Electronic autocollimators
• Angle normal (polygon mirror)
GONIOMAT Product Line
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The high-precision goniometers of the GONIOMAT M and A product line are indispensable measuring tools for incoming and outgoing parts as well as for small, medium and large volume production. They enable the angle measurement and inspection of optical prisms, polygon mirrors, wedges and angle gauge blocks with measuring accuracy up to 0.4 angular seconds.

Special features:

• Excellent measuring accuracy
• High measurement reproducibility
• High-precision measurement of pyramidal angles of prisms
• No time-consuming alignment of test specimens necessary due to 'virtual tilting table'
• Short measuring times
• Simplest handling
• Innovative Software
• Compact design for portability
Interferometer VI-direct Product Line
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Interferometers are an indispensable measuring tool for the production and quality control of optical components and systems. Their fields of application range from testing the flatness and sphericity of surfaces to measuring radii and testing the optical effects of optical systems.

Profile of the product range:

• Functional principle: Fizeau interferometer
• Cost-effective alternative to conventional interferometers
• Digital camera with high lateral resolution
• 4x digital zoom, no optical zoom required
• Test diameter from 0.8 - 130 mm
• Visual and software-supported evaluation possible
• Extensive range of optical and mechanical accessories
Visual Optical Measuring Systems
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Collimators, testing telescopes, autocollimators and alignment systems are indispensable measuring systems for the optical industry. Their fields of application range from angle measurement, adjustment and qualitative evaluation of optical systems to radius measurement of optical functional surfaces.

Special features:

• High manufacturing quality of the systems
• Virtually unlimited lifetime
• Versatile combination possibilities due to modular principle
• Broad range of optical and mechanical accessories
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