26. Weltleitmesse und Kongress für Komponenten,
Systeme und Anwendungen der Photonik
27.–30. Juni 2023 | Messe München
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Grintech GmbH

Grintech GmbH
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GRINTECH - gradient index (GRIN) micro-optic lenses and lens systems


GRINTECH is one of the leading manufacturers of gradient index (GRIN) micro-optic lenses and lens systems based on more than 20 years of experience. Together with our customers, we develop, fabricate and deliver medical imaging and biophotonic technology, optical metrology and sensor technology to growing markets.

Our original and still main expertise is focused on GRIN-lenses, which are miniaturized lenses having extraordinary good optical performance and flat optical surfaces. The optical power of GRIN-lenses is achieved by a refractive index (GRadient INdex) profile fabricated by a non-toxic silver or lithium ion exchange process in glass. Our unique rod micro lenses have typical dimensions from 250 µm to 2 mm.


gradient index (GRIN) micro-optic lenses

gradient index (GRIN) micro-optic lenses


Grintech GmbH
Otto-Eppenstein-Str. 7, 07745 Jena, Deutschland