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The SMARPOD is a parallel kinematic positioning system with nanometer precision. The system is actuated by the simultaneous movement of multiple linear stages. The arrangement of the stages optimizes the overall system stiffness and allows to control all six degrees of freedom. Motion commands are expressed in Cartesian coordinates, and all transformations are encapsulated in the control libraries which gives you the possibility to issue commands from your own software, SmarAct application software or a SMARPOD hand controller. Due to the freely definable pivot point it is easy to rotate around any point in space. Thanks to the modular design its size and strength can be adapted to changing requirements, reaching to over a meter of travel with nanometer resolution.
PICOSCALE Vibrometer
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The PICOSCALE Vibrometer is a turnkey system designed for megapixel imaging of vibrational modes of microscopic structures. This is achieved by raster-scanning a tightly focused laser beam of a Michelson interferometer over the sample to measure the vibrations for each pixel. Vibrations in the sample can be induced by the advanced piezo-based shaker stage but also directly with an electrical signal that is generated by the vibrometer.
The closed-loop piezo positioners makes it possible to image structures with sizes from just a few µm up to 20 mm. A unique feature of the vibrometer is that the interferometer laser beam is used simultaneously to record a microscopy image of the sample. This microscopy image is thus intrinsically aligned with the vibration measurements.
PICOSCALE Interferometer
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For high precision displacement measurements, SmarAct offers the PICOSCALE Interferometer, a powerful sensor with pm- resolution. Based on an extremely compact Michelson interferometer, non-invasive measurement with low restrictions on the target reflectivity can be realized very efficiently.
Sensor heads are available for general purpose or optimized for specific tasks like angular or differential measurements. Furthermore, SmarAct provides sensor heads for use in vacuum, cryogenic or other harsh environments. Due to their compactness, they fit into almost every setup.
Powerful firmware modules and versatile accessories complement the PICOSCALE portfolio to emphasize its use as a laboratory device for synchronization with other devices, signal generation, real-time calculation and more.
Environment Specific Stages
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SmarAct offers high precision stages and systems for the use in specific environments such as cryogenic, vacuum and high radiation. We deliver complete single or multi-axis systems including UHV compatible cabling and HV or UHV electrical feedthroughs. Furthermore, we can produce our stages and systems from non-magnetic materials to withstand high radiation.
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