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Laser Safety Panel Barrier
Laser Safety Panel Barrier
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With these movable laser protective screens laservision offers a flexible and easy way to safely and reliably protect certain areas from stray light and laser radiation of low to medium power density. It can be chosen between linear and foldable systems. The linear system can be pushed together to a segment width, with the foldable system almost every opening angle between the segments is possible. The standard height including rollers is 2.08m. The final segment of the foldable version is 0.67m wide. The plate material is based on an aluminum sandwich structure and is also available separately without frame.
For more comfort and well suited for clean rooms
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Support for the R14 from laservision
For more comfort and well suited for clean rooms

The new headsupport developed by laservision is now also available for the most photographed laser safety glasses, R14, from laservision. The exchange of the headband with the head support system is completed with a few simple steps and can be revised again at any time. After attaching the plastic basket to the frame, it can be very conveniently placed and adjusted by adjusting wheel to almost any head size.
The head support system guarantees a perfect, comfortable fit and a very good grip during the work processes. Particularly noteworthy is the very high wearing comfort with thick and heavy filters (for example, the broadband filter T1P04 for white light laser) as well as long wearing the laser safety glasses.

The R14 head support also makes it possible to dispense with textile headbands in clean rooms.
E40 – Modular barrier system
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With these standardized and pre-assembled wall modules, a simple and quick setup of a mobile screen or a laser protection cabin is possible. Various filling materials are available for theadaptation to different power densities. Alternatively, based on the known laser spy detector, active wall modules can also be realized.
Depending on the material and size, laser protection windows are mounted in the plate material with the help of a frame or the complete module itself consists of a large laser protective screen. For the wavelength range from 820 to 1100nm, the active laser protection window can also be integrated.
Certificates for a T2 classification are already available according to DIN EN 60825-4 for the materials used. In case of an active solution, the classification T1 (fully automated operation) according to DIN EN 60825-4 is achieved
Laser Safety Curtains
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Laser protection curtains are a simple and flexible way to safely enclose lasers or laser areas. laservision offers a number of different standard models. Depending on the application and the laser power to be expected, it is possible to choose between a single-layer (SHELTER LIGHT), a multi-layer (SHELTER NG) and two versions suitable for cleanroom (CR) use. All curtain segments are by default approximately 90cm or 180cm wide and 2.0m, 2.50m, 3.0m and 3.50m high and can be connected to larger units. The segments are factory-shortened to the required length free of charge. The curtains are mounted via an eyelet at the top of the curtain.
Polycarbonate laser protection window (P1P10)
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The continuous development in the field of laser-absorbing dyes leads to a continuously broadened range of applications, including plastic laser protection windows. These are now also available on the base of very stable polycarbonate sheets and achieve a laser resistance, as has been possible to achieve only with windows made of absorbing glass for a long time. Since 2015 the blue filter type P1P10 and the brighter version P1P12, extremely robust broadband laser protection windows with 3 or 6mm thickness and a size of up to 2000 x 3000 mm are available, which are used mainly in laser machine building. As a world premiere, laservision will present the new gold-green broadband filter P1P16 with almost 50% daylight transmission based on a 6mm PC sheet at the 2019 LASER World of Photonics. All plastic laser protection windows from laservision are certified acc. to EN60825-4.
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