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FLTT-Series - IR Laser Illuminators
FLTT-Series - IR Laser Illuminators
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The IR laser illuminators of the FLTT series are high performance products with integrated high quality VCSEL chips and an excellent optic design. They are offered at wavelengths 808nm, 860nm & 940nm and with output power of up to 6W which allows an illuminating distance of up to 2000m. Due to an outstanding circuit control with high efficiency and wide beam angle zooming range it can match the field of view angle of most cameras, like high-speed dome, PTZ and traffic monitoring cameras. The fan angle can be electronically adjusted via serial port. The output beam is very uniform and speckle free. Thus they are excellently suitable for the use in video surveillance systems, machine vision, automotive night vision systems or gesture recognition.
Multi-Wavelength Laser Diode Modules from Akela Laser
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AKELA's unique multi-wavelength fiber-coupled diode laser modules with individually addressable high-power diode lasers, can deliver up to eight wavelengths via a common fiber, making it convenient for use in both the R&D and OEM markets. These modules can also serve as light engines for fluorescence microscopy, as well as RGB projectors for entertainment and advertising. The module can easily be integrated in systems, and with the optional blast shield, fiber interlock, and the choice of red or green aiming beam, it meets stringent industrial or medical requirements. AKELA's laser diode modules boast the broadest selection of operating wavelengths and the highest output power that meet the toughest challenges of machine vision applications.
ML2240-Series -High Power Laser Diode Modules with Fiber Output
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The new ML2240-Series are laser diode modules with high power fiber output. The wavelength range is from 405nm to 1550nm. The power out of the fiber is up to 1.5W. The operating temperature range is from -10°C to +50°C. They offer the smallest foot-print 133 mm x 35mm x 13,6mm on the market that contain optical head and electronic controller. As an option, the modules are offered with potentiometer for power adjustment, external TTL modulation up to 1MHz and analogue modulation up to 100kHz.
“Stradus® Line” – Biomedical High Stability Laser Module
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Whatever your need is for laser light in UV through the visible to the near IR you will find a solution in the Vortran Laser Technology, Inc. family of lasers. The Stradus® line of lasers is a fully CDRH-compliant series of high-performance, circularized laser diode modules. The highly integrated Stradus® modules contain all the necessary optical power regulation, temperature regulation, communication interface, and protection circuitry. All Stradus® lasers are single mode TEM00 lasers. The Stradus® lasers feature both USB and RS-232 connectivity for easy to use control and monitoring of the system. A PC user interface software is provided to allow for easy setup of the system.
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mirSense is a supplier of off-the-shelf Industrial Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) and QCL-based spectrometer modules for Industrial & Defence applications. They are mainly used for gas sensing, instrumentation & measurements, bio & healthcare and directional infrared counter measurements (DIRCM). The mirSense turnkey system is made of a small electric driver with one or two independent QCL heads. The powerMir is a high power Quantum Cascade Laser achieving watt-level output and high wall-plug efficiency. At room temperature, this Fabry-Perot QCL deliver up to 4W of CW optical power and quasi-continuous wave (QCW), and typical wavelengths are those of the atmospheric transmission in the 4, 4.6, 4.8 and 9 microns regions. General wavelengths available range from 3μm to 12μm.
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