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Merion C: Diode-Pumped Solid-State Laser
Merion C: Diode-Pumped Solid-State Laser
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In solid-state laser technology, LUMIBIRD expands its diode-pumped Merion C series offering the best power to volume ratio of the market. It is capable of 200mJ @1064nm up to 200 Hz, and can be equipped with motorized attenuator, harmonic generators, down to 266 nm to cover a wide range of applications. This new DPSS laser combines all the advantages of the compact, powerful, reliable and cost-effective lasers you expect from Quantel laser. Its 19” rack power supply and integrated chiller makes it simple to integrate. It represents the best solution for demanding applications like LiDAR, LIBS or material processing. Customers can feel confident installing the system and operating remotely with high reliability and assured performance.
Pulsed laser diode illuminator
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The illuminator package is based on laser diode stacks that are integrated directly onto a printed circuit board (PCB) that acts as the laser diode driver. Because there are no wires carrying the electrical current from the laser diode driver to the diodes, the pulse broadening by induction is reduced dramatically. This allows the diodes to be driven with pulse widths as low as 3ns. With a wide selection of available wavelengths, including 808nm-980nm and 1.5um, and an optional FAC, the Lumibird Illuminator package has been well adopted by the LIDAR and ADAS markets.
PEFL-EOLA: Pulsed Fiber Laser
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The PEFL-EOLA series is a range of 1.5 μm pulsed fiber lasers specially designed for Doppler heterodyne LiDAR systems, delivering Fourier transform limited pulses with high energy and high peak power. Thanks to innovative optical designs, the lasers can emit up to 400 μJ energy and up to 900 W peak power with a linear polarization, a very high extinction ratio in between two pulses, a long coherence length and an excellent output beam quality (M2 < 1.1 to 1.5 depending on peak power). The lasers can be proposed with integrated pulse shaping electronics for easy integration into LiDAR systems or for pulse shape optimization. This product range is ideal for various wind measurement applications such as turbine mounted LiDAR, windfarm optimization and wind hazard and wake vortices monitoring.
PGFL-TURACO: Pulsed Green Fiber Laser
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The PGFL-Turaco series is a range of 532 nm pulsed fiber lasers, delivering high peak power and high energy per pulse in compact modules with diffraction-limited output beam for range finding applications. Compared to other technologies, the innovative optical architecture with its high-efficiency second-harmonic generator offers a better electrical-trigger to optical-pulse delay jitter and an excellent pulse duration stability allowing to enhance the performance of user system. The rugged module can work in the most stringent environments. The light weight and the low power consumption are a strong advantage for integrations on underwater or aerial drones for mapping and 3D scanning applications.
PEFL-KULT: Pulsed Fiber Laser
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The PEFL-KULT series is a range of eye-safe 1.5 μm pulsed fiber lasers, delivering high peak power and high energy per pulse in ultra-compact modules with diffraction-limited output beam for range finding applications. A varied choice of models offers the possibility to operate over a wide range of setpoints (pulse duration, pulse repetition frequency and energy) allowing to be suitable for a various of high-accuracy 3D scanners. The compact platforms allow an easy integration in highly integrated systems and an operation over a long period of time under wide operating temperature range, vibrations and shocks conditions in accordance with military standards. Compact pulsed laser transmitters are commonly used in applications such as ADAS, 3D scanning, drones, mapping and telemetry.
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