26. Weltleitmesse und Kongress für Komponenten,
Systeme und Anwendungen der Photonik
27.–30. Juni 2023 | Messe München
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Reliable, quantitative tissue oximetry.


PIONIRS was born in 2020 with the aim of delivering TD-NIRS technology to the world. With its strong scientific background, PIONIRS unceasingly improves its products and technology, breaking the barriers that currently prevent its widespread diffusion in clinics and medical research. PIONIRS established itself as European leader in production and commercialization of TD-NIRS devices for non-invasive tissue hemodynamic monitoring, providing a comprehensive range of photonics solutions to healthcare researchers. Its devices are currently being used in the most advanced research centers around Europe, USA and Canada. Their performance and reliability are now becoming well-assessed in the clinical research field. Come to visit us and to experience our products!