26. Weltleitmesse und Kongress für Komponenten,
Systeme und Anwendungen der Photonik
27.–30. Juni 2023 | Messe München
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Cristal Laser

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Cutting-edge nonlinear crystals from the heart of Europe


Cristal Laser is a French-based privately-owned SME specialized in the growth and manufacture of nonlinear crystals used in laser optics. Our products are engineered to address a variety of applications: from high-power UV lasers to space or airborne systems, through medical devices and high-intensity research. We were established in 1990 and are boasting a 2,400 square meter plant with top level crystal growth, optical fabrication and QA or testing equipment. Our success has been made possible by a staff of highly trained personnel, all dedicated to meeting the expectations of our customers - industrial laser manufacturers and research laboratories alike. We sell worldwide.


Cristal Laser
32, rue Robert Schuman, 54850 Messein, Frankreich