25. Weltleitmesse für Komponenten, Systeme und Anwendungen der Photonik
26.–29. April 2022 | Messe München
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SQS Vlaknova optika a.s.

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Optical assemblies for lasers and signal transmission of industrial applications


SQS is a Czech manufacturer of fiber optic and optoelectronic components. The production is based on strong company’s research and development of fiber optic components and design of high-precision mechanical parts. Besides standard production, SQS offers also customized and custom-made components based on close collaboration with customers. Optical, optoelectronic, and mechanical solutions are offered as services covering all processes from design to production.

SQS provides solutions for applications in devices, equipment, and systems across industries including telecommunications, undersea transmission systems, laser technology, automotive, and other.

Product portfolio includes fiber bundles, high-power laser cables, fiber arrays, high-vacuum and high-pressure fiber feedthroughs, etc.


SQS Vlaknova optika a.s.
Komenskeho 304, 509 01 Nova Paka, Tschechien