25. Weltleitmesse für Komponenten, Systeme und Anwendungen der Photonik
26.–29. April 2022 | Messe München
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KIMMON KOHA‘s the He-Cd laser and next-generation UV fiber laser


KIMMON KOHA CO., LTD. is a Japanese company that manufactures and sells laser devices such as He-Cd lasers, fiber lasers, and UV fiber lasers. Our main product is "He-Cd (helium-cadmium) laser" with oscillation wavelengths of 325 and 442nm CW.  325nm is widely used worldwide for inspection of GaN (gallium nitride) substrates. Other applications include lithography, direct mask writing, photoluminescence, Raman spectroscopy , and so on.  In this exhibition, we will also exhibit next-generation UV fiber laser. This is the world's first commercialization of a UV laser that uses praseodymium doped fiber.  The fiber laser has 318 nm CW oscillation and output power of 100 mW.