25. Weltleitmesse für Komponenten, Systeme und Anwendungen der Photonik
26.–29. April 2022 | Messe München
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Market leading manufacturer of PPLN crystals and waveguides.


Covesion is a world leading designer & manufacturer of magnesium doped, periodically polled lithium niobite (MgO:PPLN) for highly efficient non-linear frequency conversion. With over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of PPLN, the team of experts at Covesion are well equipped to provide insight and guidance on the design of systems for generating visible and IR light.
MgO:PPLN is ideal for innovative laser applications due to its high effective nonlinear coefficient; allowing for high efficiency frequency conversion across multiple different mechanisms. MgO:PPLN supports a wide range of applications such as: quantum computing; frequency doubling of femtosecond lasers; mid-infrared generation; atom cooling; terahertz generation and biomedical imaging.